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The Kitchen


“My kitchen is a mystical place, a kind of temple for me. It is place where the surfaces seem to have significance, where the sounds and odours carry meaning that transfers from the past and bridges to the future.” 




13 Responses to “My Kitchen…”

  1. Sajid Mahmood Says:

    Hi Ash !

    While going through this site an old memory sprang up. Thought I would share it with you as it is related to foodies.

    My ‘Dada’ & ‘Nana’ could talk endlessly about food. My ‘Dadi’ who was a straight talker would say.

    “Nikamme log ek dusre ko zaike ki alif-laila suna rahen hai”
    (These good for nothings are narrating the arabian nights of taste to each other).

    On wintery night they were sitting in the veranda facing each other with the ‘nali’ of their respective hookas peeping out of their ‘razais’. They would wave this ‘nali’ to make a point.

    Dada Abba was expaling the preperation of a dish. The conversation went something like this.

    Dada: And Janab, after the meat has been fried a few strands of zafran are dropped into it.

    Nana: Wah! Wah!

    Dada: A little milk with ground badam is poured along the corner.

    Nana: Wah! Wah! Wah!

    Dada: The steaming red meat is then placed in a dish and the curry poured around it.

    Nana: Aree sahib maza aa gaya

    Dada: As you take the first bite, the juicy meat just melts around your teeth and fills your mouth and spirit with aroma.

    Nana: Aree miya kamal ho gaya, kamal ho gaya.

    By this time they were out of their ‘razais’ peeping together into an imaginery pot. I think they could really smell and taste the food.

    As a kid watching this from my bed, I thought they had gone bonkers. Now I can understand their passion. If they were alive, I would have really joined these imaginery gourmet sessions.

  2. Sajid–I totally agree with you–There is so much to food–it can be mesmerising and so meditative–food is such a binding factor–Had it not been for my passion for food–I would not have visited your hotel and we would not been friends–Quodos to food my friend–I will roast a Raan to our friendship
    peace and grace

  3. Ash… what a mind blowing and sizzling web page.. who can do justice to a topic like this but a foddie like u! What a lovely way to let us have a glimpse of aromatic kitchen’s of nooks and corners of India. Particularly laudable is ur effort to painstakingly research the history and evolution of exotic dishes, through interview.. it lends credibility to all the info. u are providing here. Keep it up Ash.. I know there is more to come… don’t know what surprise u have in store for us next…

  4. absolutely divine! thanks for the most wonderful exposure to your culinary delights!

  5. utpal borpujari Says:

    ashish-da, absolutely mouthwatering, this blog of yours.

  6. Ash – Zindabaad!
    He describes himself as a seeker… but to me, dada, you are an eternal giver…

    Honestly speaking… after meeting Ash, I realised… journey to heart could easily stop at the stomach – you may need not to travel below that…

    Food & sensuality… Ash… Muwh!!!

  7. Absolutely True Philosophy!.. Love is the secret ingredient behind every sumptuous meal. And serving with love creates such a strong bond. All this is very much reflected in your Blog. It’s not merely a blog on food but also on the passion you have while cooking, serving and sharing.. Kudos for this great move, looking forward to many more delicious posts!

  8. The Kitchen:
    Noun: kitchen [kichun] A room equipped for preparing meals

    That definition of a kitchen is the empty void with which Ash moulds, spins, weaves his cuinary magic. Spells are what he conjures up, not what mere mortals know as recipes. Such wizardry is what inspires and awakens the basic instincts in a race increasingly losing all connection with nature.

    Undoubtedly the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Now this extra-ordinary man has already found a warm and cozy nook in my heart. And without savouring his spicy spells that is.. I yet await that final flourish.

  9. Ahhh… indeed! Words are not enough to eulogise the extent to which food can tantalise your senses…

    The dichotomy is my dissertation is on Right to Food and Right to Freedom from Hunger.

  10. rucchika Says:

    hi ashish
    when i went through it for the first time i could not understand what this page is about. is it about just the food or about a poet who is expressing his love for food… the page is very innovative and makes one rethink all about food , cooking..especially for someone who is not at all a foodie like me…wow! keep up the good work

  11. rucchika Says:

    by rucchika

  12. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Atheist!

  13. Ashish as I read your version of the alif-laila about the Assamese I could feel the textures of variety of seafood the Assamese easily relish with their fingers…

    oh… it whets my appetite ….as I read the on-liners about JOLA, BORA, JOOL and other dishes on the assamese platter….
    I really wish to taste them right now… I completely agree with you a MUST try as I can imagine the ingredients (as mentioned by you) blending together and imparting subtle and sharp flavours to the seafood and the vegetables….

    Just a query.. so when is my invitation to relish the real food after this alif –laila about them….

    Welll hats-off to you for taking out time to share these immensely valued gastronomic information through your blog and inspiring awareness…

    Happy blogging….
    And good luck for your journey for good food around the world

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