The Orgasmic Wiff Of Rustic Dining…




I set off on a journey to the historical city of Jaipur to trace the migrant Muslim cuisine of the Pink City. It is said that the Muslims settled in Jaipur during the reign of Maharaja Mansingh and Akbar.

“Serenely full, the epicure would say,
Fate cannot harm me, I have dined today.”


3 Responses to “The Orgasmic Wiff Of Rustic Dining…”

  1. Wonderful pictures! I simply love the one with the sign that says “desi ghee mein – karai gosht” and freshly baked nans in front!

    Indian rustic cuisine (from every corner of the country) is a veritable storehouse of many delicious gems! We have often failed to admire and give them there due attention!

    And as far as descriptions go – they don’t get any more accurate than “orgasmic whiff of rustic dining…. 🙂

  2. neetu singh Says:

    Got to know about this page from good friend,Jayesh Cholera,the new GM,Country Inn&Suites,Jaipur.He couldnt stop raving about the Khud Murg…..mmmm,that alone warrants a trip to Jaipur…..Thank you for this enriching page

  3. Hey Bro! Good to see you back in circulation. Where hast thy heaviness been? Get in touch. There is much to talk about. My number remains the same, although, it seems you’ve changed yours. Would love to reconnect!

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